Vole.Wtf Perfect Circle: A Test Of Artistic Talent

‘Can you draw the perfect circle?’ This is the aim of vole.wtf’s online game.  Draw a circle, and receive a rating — 100% equals perfect.

This game, created by the Vole WTF team, is an excellent way to put your artistic abilities to the test.

The more you practice the better you become. Be careful though, this game is addictive. I lost count of the number of my attempts!

How do you get a perfect score on vole WTF?

Vole.Wtf Perfect Circle
drawing a perfect circle?

First, you should understand that drawing a perfect circle by hand is impossible. The human brain simply lacks the accuracy and resources to draw a perfect circle. Hence, getting a perfect score on Vole.wtf just by hand is impossible.

Drawing A Perfect Circle With A Mouse

In order to draw a perfect circle with a mouse follow these steps:

  • While dragging the mouse, hold down the Ctrl key.
  • Holding Shift allows you to begin drawing from the centre of the shape.
  • You can also use the Ellipse tool to draw arcs and circle segments (or pie wedges).

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This is a fun little game to pass time and test your circle drawing skills. Many people have wondered if it is possible to win a 100% score, but to think of drawing a perfect circle by hand is absurd. The idea is to get as close as possible.

However, you can draw a perfect circle with a mouse by following the guide given above.

Do share this guide and happy drawing!

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