What Happens If I Reset My iPhone?

When your iPhone begins to exhibit software or hardware problems, resetting the device appears to be a good idea. However, can anything go wrong when you reset an iPhone, and what exactly happens?

Resetting your iPhone restores the phone to factory settings and deletes all of your preferred settings and information stored on your phone, including contacts, apps, browsing history, music library, notes, calendar information, voice memos, and all other information.

What Am I Going to Lose If I Reset My iPhone?

Resetting your iPhone erases all personal information on the device and returns it to factory settings. However, simply resetting your iPhone’s settings will erase your preferred settings and restore the iPhone to default settings.

You have two options when resetting your iPhone: reset all settings or erase all content and settings. Here’s what you’ll lose if you select either of these options:

What Will I Lose If I Delete My iPhone’s Content And Settings?

If you are selling your iPhone or simply performing a hard reset, you should always choose the “Erase All Content And Settings” option. Choosing this option completely erases all data on your device. This includes the following:

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