Webrezpro Login: The Best Saas Platform? | Full Login Guide

World Web Technologies Inc., an Internet software development company that specializes in the tourism and hospitality industries, created WebRezPro, a SAAS (software as a service) property management system. World Web Technologies, founded in 1994, is a privately held company based in Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to its flagship product, WebRezPro, the company has created ActivityEngine, a cloud-based business platform for tour operators. WebRezPro cloud PMS was introduced in 2003.

In this article, we shall discuss the issue of the Webrezpro login

Features Of Webrezpro

Some prominent features of Webrezpro are as follows:

1. Night Reservations

  • WebRezPro’s adaptable room reservation software enables you to sell your rooms however you see fit.
  • Room reservations can be combined with tours and activities.
  • Make special rates available to corporate clients, travel agents, and preferred guests. Online sales of last-minute specials… The only limit is your imagination!
  • A commission-free, responsive, and fully integrated online booking engine is included for your website.

2. Email Confirmations

  • WebRezPro makes it simple to communicate with your visitors.
  • Create email templates for booking confirmations, pre-arrival, and post-stay emails that can be triggered manually or automatically.
  • Email templates can also be used for waitlists, rental agreements, group reservations, and other purposes.

3. Check In And Check Out

  • Checking in and out guests is simple. To retrieve a reservation, simply enter the guest’s name or confirmation number, or view a list of all arrivals and departures for the day.
  • If necessary, all check-in (or check-out) receipts for the day can be printed ahead of time and alphabetically.
  • If you prefer to avoid using paper, front desk agents can check in guests using a mobile device and electronic signature capture.
  • Guests can also be emailed invoices and receipts.
  • Alternatively, WebRezPro’s guest agreements feature allows guests to complete registration online before they arrive, allowing for contactless check-in.

4. Folio Splitting

  • When guests want to split the cost of their reservation, they can split reservation folios with the click of a button for separate invoicing.
  • Incidental charges can be applied to a specific folio or distributed evenly within the reservation.

How To Log Into Webrezpro?

  • You can access the login page easily through this link.
  • Enter your property id
  • Enter Username
  • Enter your password
  • And click on the “sign in” button.

And that’s all you need to do to log into Webrezpro.

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And that was all about Webrezpro. We covered everything, from features and services to the entire login process. this is perhaps one of the best Saas platforms out there. We hope you found this guide helpful.

Please let us know your queries in the comments down below.

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