[Explained] What Does Emphasized An Image Mean On An iPhone?

We can, for example, use a thumbs up, thumbs down, or, in your case, an exclamation mark to “emphasize” the message. It is possible to do it with non-iMessage texts, but it will appear as it did on your phone. So, to an Android user, “emphasized an image” or “message” means “exclamation mark”.

What Does Emphasized An Image Mean

How Do You Add Text Effects?

  • Select the contact or group you want to message in your Messages app.
  • As usual, type your text message in the iMessage bar.
  • Hold the blue arrow down until the “Send with effect” screen appears.
  • Select Screen.

What Words Trigger Special Effects On The iPhone?

  • Here’s a list of words and phrases that will trigger effects in the Messages app, hopefully delighting both you and your recipient.
  • “Welcome to the New Year!” When you send New Year’s greetings, colorful fireworks fill your screen. “Happy Chinese New Year” or “Happy Birthday” “Congratulations” or “Congratulations”

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The iPhone offers a variety of features to its users. Most of these features help make the iPhone experience better, but sometimes these features can be confusing at times. We have tried to clear confusion regarding one of these features in this article.

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