[Answered] Where Does Vudu To Go Store Downloads On My Mac?

Vudu is a digital video service platform where you can buy and rent movies. It has a wide range of content and thus caters to a wide range of preferences and tastes.

The Vudu app allows users to be among the first to see new movies and television shows. Vudu has a free section that offers a variety of ad-supported movies and TV shows for everyone to watch.

The app is available for download on any modern device for both Android and iOS users. While the app does not support Windows phones, Vudu does have a Windows 10-only app.

Location Of Vudu To Go Files On A Mac

The files are saved in the folder:

/Users/username>/Library/Preferences/com.vudu.air.DownloaderLocal Store.

When searching for that location in Finder, select the “Go” file menu option while holding down the option key to reveal the “Library” option:

  • Then look for “Preferences.
  • “Then select “com.vudu.air.Downloader.”
  • “The Local Store”

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We have provided the location of the downloaded files in this article. Now you can easily access these files, store them somewhere else, or even transfer them to some other device if you want to.

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