[7 Easy Steps] Where Is Vz Media On My Phone Storage?

VZ media is a division of Verizon Communications that works independently and primarily focuses on media. What you should know about VZ media is that all of your saved files, such as photos and other multimedia from your downloaded messages, will be saved in a separate folder called VZ media.

Where To Find Vz Media In The Phone?

Follow the steps given below:

  • From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Tap the Verizon Cloud icon.
  • Tap the Navigation Menu icon.
  • Select the content type.
  • Navigate to a media file (e.g., picture, video, music, etc.)
  • Tap Select Content.
  • Tap the media file to select then tap the Contextual Menu icon.

How To Access Verizon Cloud?

  • If the Cloud app does not launch automatically
  • Select it from the Apps menu. then press the NEXT button (upper-right).
  • If prompted, tap Allow granting Cloud access to phone content.
  • Select Get Started.

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Find your saved media easily with the help of our comprehensive guide. We have also added some extra information for your convenience. If you have any questions feels free to ask in the comments down below.

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