Which Command Is Used To Display The Operating System Name?

Do you want to check the name of your operating system? Follow this easy guide to find the command you can use to find the name of your os. Plus some extra information has also been shared.

Command To Display The Operating System:

The uname command can be used to display system information.

  • It displays the name of the operating system
  • as well as the name of the system node
  • the operating system release
  • the operating system version
  • the hardware name
  • and the processor type.

What Is The Command To Check The OS Version In Unix?

  • You can execute cat /etc/redhat-release to check the Red Hat Linux (RH) version if you use an RH-based OS.
  • Another solution that may work on any Linux distribution is lsb_release -a.
  • And the uname -a command shows the kernel version and other things.
  • Also, cat /etc/issue.net shows your OS version.

How To Display The Current System Information?

  • To know only the system name, you can use the uname command without any switch, it will print system information
  • the uname -s command will print the kernel name of your system.

How To Find The OS Version?

Follow these steps to easily determine which OS version your device is running:

  • Open the menu on your phone. Select System Settings.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom.
  • From the menu, select About Phone.
  • Choose Software Info from the drop-down menu.
  • The Android Version field displays the OS version of your device.

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As you can see, following this guide will allow you to easily check your operating system name. We have also added other useful information you will find useful. Please consider sharing if you found this guide helpful.

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