[Answered] Why Cant I Post On Instagram From My Phone?

So you have an amazing photo to share, but Instagram won’t let you. This is a problem that many people face on a regular basis.

You usually can’t post on Instagram for a variety of reasons, which I’ll go over later. There are several possible causes for this problem.

It will be difficult to resolve this issue because there are so many possible causes. Because so many settings can affect the Instagram app, it’s critical that you pay close attention and try all possible solutions.

Why Can’t You Post?

It’s difficult to say why Instagram isn’t letting you post right now because there are several possible causes.

  • One reason your Instagram account won’t let you post pictures is that your account may be temporarily barred from posting pictures for up to 24 hours.
  • You won’t be able to post anything because you have a temporarily banned Instagram account. This is because you may have violated Instagram’s terms of service.
  • Another reason you may have been banned is that you posted a lot of pictures or videos. This includes the excessive following, commenting, or liking in a short period of time.
  • Instagram does not like this and will suspect you of being a bot, so avoid those repetitive behaviors before they catch up with you.

How To Fix This Error?

Try the following fixes:

1. Check Internet Connection

  • This is the first option I would recommend to anyone. The reason why your pictures aren’t posted on Instagram may be because your internet is down.
  • Check that your data or Wi-Fi network icon is visible at the top of your screen. If you can’t see it, your Wi-Fi may have been cut, and you’ll need to go into your settings on whatever device you’re using.
  • If you were using Wi-Fi when you attempted to post the pictures, try using cellular data instead. Check that you have turned off Wi-Fi first.
  • To turn on cellular/mobile data, go to your iPhone’s settings > Tap on Mobile data > Turn it on.

2. Free Up Storage

When your iPhone or Android device has insufficient storage space, Instagram may encounter issues when attempting to save a picture or video you’re attempting to upload to your local memory.

  • You can change this in your photo upload settings. If you have Instagram set to save original photos or video files, you will need to free up space on your phone to allow this to happen.
  • You can disable this option in your app settings, where it says Save Posted Media, or clear out storage on your device.
  • When your iPhone or Android device doesn’t have enough storage space, Instagram may have trouble saving a picture or video you’re trying to upload to your local memory.
  • This can be changed in your photo upload settings. If you have Instagram set to save original photos or videos, you must make room on your phone for this to happen.
  • You can disable this option in your app settings, where it says Save Posted Media, or you can clear out your device’s storage.

3. Uninstall/Update Instagram

  • Instagram may be experiencing a software problem for whatever reason. Delete the app to prevent this from happening in the future.
  • If an update is currently available on Instagram, I recommend that you update it as well.
  • To update the app, go to the App Store on whatever device you’re using and update it. Developers would have fixed any previous issues with the app.
  • After you have deleted and re-downloaded the app, you should notice that your problem has been resolved; if it persists, it may be more serious than you think.

4. Restart Device

Your device could be the cause of your pictures not being posted. Restarting your device will resolve any temporary software issues you may be experiencing.

  • To restart your iPhone, hold down the power/sleep button while simultaneously pressing the home button.
  • Your device’s power button is located on the right side.
  • Hold this for 3 seconds until your screen goes black and you see the Apple logo.
  • It should take about 30 seconds for the restart to complete. Check to see if your problem has been resolved.
  • To restart an Android device, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. When you see the option to restart, select it.
  • If you don’t see a restart option, keep holding down until your device restarts.

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Hopefully, you’ve resolved the issue and can now post whatever you want, whether it’s a video or a picture.

In rare cases where you are still unable to post anything, you should contact Instagram support as a last resort.

If you have any queries regarding any of the fixes we’ve recommended, please let us know and we will surely respond.

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